Although I was always passionate about makeup, in 2004 I graduated in Linguistics from the Catholic University of Milan and after various experiences abroad, I returned to Italy and worked in Fashion for almost eight years. In the meantime, in 2011, I graduated from the lnternational Making Beauty Academy (MBA) in Milan specialising in Bridal Makeup.

Brushes and colours are my art. I especially love to use them for “my brides”… I call them that because when I am part of the most important day of their life, we build a relationship and special bond. I become better acquainted with her family and loved ones, creating a trust that is both genuine and based on affection. Every gesture becomes important, every smile, every word.

Also, a photography enthusiast, I began collaborating with professional photographers as the makeup artist for photo shoots, eventually developing this passion even further by offering Photography Makeup.

I also provide Day, Evening, and Special Occasion Makeup services to make any day special and unforgettable.

Given my experience as a trainer for the launch of the Yamamay Beauty cosmetics line, I am also qualified to provide individual or group Corrective Makeup and Beautification Courses. They’re even a great option for hen parties!

I use highly professional materials that are mainly produced in Italy and France, exclusively from the following brands: Lancome, Mulac, Nabla, Makeup Forever, Mac.

I live in Livorno but am always willing to travel.

Get involved in the world of Makeup for a special pampering… because even when you remove your makeup in the evening in front of the mirror… your Smile will still be there!

Enjoy your Makeup!

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